Honda Civic Hybrid

Review of the first 'conventional' gasoline-electric hybrid car

Published: 01-Feb-2004

If one of your New Year's resolutions involves being kinder to the environment in 2004, you might want to consider trading in the gas guzzler you currently have in your garage for a Honda Civic Hybrid - an automobile that offers hybrid-electric technology under its hood. And to further ease your conscious the Honda Civic Hybrid is kinder to the atmosphere, producing about 90-percent fewer smogforming engine emissions than the typical new vehicle.

Does this mean the Civic Hybrid is some granola car with a bland personality and even blander styling? Absolutely not! The Civic Hybrid is a Honda through and through, stylish and fun to drive.

A few weeks before I had the opportunity to test drive the Civic Hybrid I drove a Civic sedan which had a 1.7 litre SOHC 16 valve VTEC 4-cylinder gasoline powered engine. I felt no difference between that and driving the Civic Hybrid with its 1.3 liter I-DSI 4 cylinder gasoline engine coupled with an integrated high-output electric motor/generator. The high-output electric motor in the Hybrid is located between the engine and the transmission and kicks in when the vehicle is accelerating to supplement the engine's performance. The result is that the Hybrid had just as much zip, but delivered 48 mpg on the highway.



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