Demand for Oil Outstripping Supply

Someday in the not to distant future, energy will be rationed, not by litres a month but by price, argues columnist Richard Gwyn.

Published: 31-Jan-2004

ome year ahead — and by no means one necessarily that far ahead — we'll go through another bout of winter weather like this one but with one critical distinction that will make all the difference, even though it will have nothing to do with the weather.

Assume that we experience the same prolonged, extreme cold and high winds and succession of snowstorms, all right across the country.

But assume, as well, that in that year the fuel by which we heat our houses, offices, factories and stores, and by which we power our cars, trucks, airplanes, trains and buses, is having to be rationed.

Rationing doesn't here mean actual physical rationing, with householders and car drivers limited to so many litres a month.



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