Skiing Company Hopes to Paint Political Scene Green

SkiCo shifts focus from greening its operations to promoting political debate over current land and resources use

Published: 30-Jan-2004

Instead of announcing plans for a major back-bowl expansion or a new Sundeck-sized lodge, the Aspen Skiing Co. is declaring that it will jump deeper into political debates that affect lands and resources critical to the business of skiing.

The declaration to get more involved in policymaking came from SkiCo CEO Pat O'Donnell in an annual environmental performance and accountability report the company released Thursday.

"(SkiCo) has historically focussed on improving the environmental performance of its operations: buying more wind power, greening buildings, using biodiesel," O'Donnell writes in the opening of the SkiCo environmental affairs department's 2002-2003 Sustainability Report, the fourth such report of its kind.



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