Congestion Causing Deteriorating Air Quality in Malta

Nature Trust voices concern over spread of vehicle-caused pollution

Published: 27-Jan-2004

press statement, Nature Trusr expressed its concern on the recent statistics issued by the National Statistics Office showing the worsening air quality standards. Nature Trust said that the rampant rise in vehicle density has caused a vast increase in poisonous gases, whose effects are already well documented.

The NGO insisted that whilst there is an ongoing debate on the effectiveness of a cost effective health service system, alternative measures that prevent such rapid pollution spreading are not being pushed. Nature Trust also lamented the rapid decline of agricultural land that is being further exacerbated by air pollution.

Nature Trust said only a few institutions have taken the initiative to introduce electric vehicles with absolutely no strategy to replace the government's fleet of vehicles with solar, electric or hybrid alternatives. It also said that importation taxes on such vehicles remained high and there seemed to be no effort to subsidise environmentally friendly cars.

The NGO also questioned the strange state of affairs with regard to VRT tests since there still remains a large number of vehicles on the road that continue to emit foul smelling, soot-black fumes. Nature Trust called on the government to start taking proper action for the benefit of human health and the natural environment.



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