Green Motorists Deserve Tax Break, Says Canadian MP

Consumer rebatea and other ideas proposed to encourage purchase of more fuel efficient vehicles in Canada

Published: 27-Jan-2004

WA and TORONTO -- Ottawa should consider rebates for consumers who buy environmentally friendly cars as a way of reducing the number of gas guzzlers on the roads, says Jim Karygiannis, the new parliamentary secretary to Canada's Minister of Transport.

"The idea is how do we get a person to drive a smaller car? How do we get a person to drive a more fuel-efficient car? How do we say to somebody that's driving a hybrid: 'Hey that's the best thing that there is,' " said Mr. Karygiannis, who was assigned by Prime Minister Paul Martin to look at ways to reduce transportation's impact on the environment.

The consumer rebate proposal and other ideas are scheduled to come up at a roundtable of auto-sector players and environmentalists that Mr. Karygiannis and other Liberal MPs are organizing for the near future. It will make recommendations about what Ottawa should do to cut fuel consumption and pollution emissions from cars, sport utility vehicles and other automobiles.

"Why do we need six-cylinder cars? . . . Why do we need SUVs? Why don't we promote smaller cars?" Mr. Karygiannis said, listing some of the questions on his mind. "Why don't we encourage people that have hybrid cars? Give them a tax break. Give them a tax incentive."



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