Honda Meets EPA Tier 2 Emissions Ahead of Phase-In

Sixty percent of 2004 model year Honda and Acura vehicles compliant with Tier 2-Bin 5 standard

Published: 27-Jan-2004

TORRANCE, Calif., Jan. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- In keeping with Honda's commitment to environmental leadership, American Honda announced today that more than 60 percent of its 2004 model year Honda and Acura vehicles meet the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Tier 2-Bin 5 emissions requirements, well ahead of the phase-in schedule set forth by the EPA.

Honda has consistently led the industry in meeting new emission requirements and bringing advanced engines and emission technologies to the showroom. To achieve Tier 2-Bin 5 classification, a vehicle must reduce NOx emissions by at least 75 percent over pre-existing levels.

Honda is the industry leader in certifying vehicles to the Tier 2 standards. In 2002, Honda became the first manufacturer to offer gasoline-powered vehicles to the final Tier 2 requirements. In 2003, fully 50 percent of vehicles sold by Honda were certified to meet the tougher emission standards, two years ahead of the requirements and more than the rest of the industry combined. For 2004, Honda has certified more than 60 percent of its total vehicle fleet to the Tier 2 standards, compared to an industry average of 35 percent.

"The intent of Honda's environmental approach is to implement practical near-term solutions through technology and innovation," said Robert Bienenfeld, senior manager of American Honda's Product Planning. "These solutions have a broad impact on fighting pollution and making progress on long-term emission reduction goals."

Following is a list of American Honda vehicles that are currently certified to meet EPA Tier 2-Bin 5 standards and a comparison between 3 model years.

               American Honda Tier 2-Bin 5 (or better) Vehicles

          2002 (5 Vehicles)      2003 (9 Vehicles)     2004 (11 Vehicles)
           Acura RSX              Honda Accord            Acura TL
           Honda CR-V             Honda Element           Acura TSX
           Honda Civic Si         Acura MDX               Honda Accord
           Honda Civic GX         Honda Civic Hybrid (CA) Honda Element
           Honda Insight (CVT)    Acura RSX               Acura MDX
                                  Honda CR-V              Honda Civic
                                                           Hybrid (CA)
                                  Honda Civic Si          Acura RSX
                                  Honda Civic GX          Honda CR-V
                                  Honda Insight (CVT)     Honda Civic Si
                                                          Honda Civic GX
                                                          Honda Insight (CVT)

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