Hybrid Cars Selling Fast in Longview, Texas

There's quite a waiting list on them now, say dealers

Published: 24-Jan-2004

Auto dealers in Longview say hybrid electric cars are in demand, and people are getting on waiting lists to get one.

"There's quite a waiting list on them now, its a very desirable car," says Jim Lott of Toyota of Longview. Toyota and Honda dealers in Longview are currently offering the hybrid, and the most popular seems to be Motor Trends car of the year, the Toyota Prius.

"Before, if you had an electric car you had to drive 50, 60 miles or so and you had to recharge, now you can drive this one 500 miles," says Lott. With gas prices continuing to climb, salesmen say customers are looking for good gas mileage, and the Prius delivers with 68 miles per gallon. A test drive and you feel the difference from a conventional engine, an eerie sensation, quiet, not even hearing the engine running.



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