California's Hydrogen 'Bomb'

Lots of 'blue sky'[wishful thinking] associated with switch to hydrogen

Published: 22-Jan-2004

lass=articleSpacer>Which comes first, the hydrogen car or the fueling station? Since neither can survive without the other, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to deal with that dilemma.

The governor's transportation policies, which include cutting billions of dollars from transportation programs, also call for creation of a costly string of 200 hydrogen filling stations along freeways and highways throughout the state. Schwarzenegger not only wants to convert one of his own gas- guzzling Hummers to hydrogen power, he wants the rest of the state to start switching as well.

He's right about hydrogen being the fuel of the future. Car makers and energy companies agree. General Motors wants to have affordable fuel-cell cars on the market within the next few years, and Royal Dutch/Shell plans to put $500 million into hydrogen and renewable fuels by the end of this decade.

Converting from fossil fuels to hydrogen is not a question of whether but when. Oil and natural gas are diminishing, while nothing in the universe is more plentiful than hydrogen. Still, timing matters.



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