New Biomass-Fueled Power Plant Fires Up in Australia

Five additional plants to be constructed totalling 85 megawatts.

Published: 22-Jan-2004

Renewable energy company Green Pacific Energy Ltd, will today commence 'hot commissioning" of the plant across the next two weeks.

The Stapylton plant utilises GPE's cornerstone Fluidised Bed Combustion technology to generate clean and environmentally friendly energy from green waste such as branches, tree trimmings and non-native waste wood. The FBC technology uses a large combustor fuelled by green waste to generate a substantial amount of heat, creating steam, which turns a turbine and generates electricity.

Upon conclusion of the hot commissioning phase the plant will "fire up" using green waste to produce clean energy to households in Australia.

Green Pacific Energy Chairman Alfred Wong said: "GPE has constructed an Australian first - an efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly green energy plant. The Stapylton plant is evidence of the workability of the FBC technology to produce sustainable, clean energy from a plentiful, inexpensive and environmentally friendly fuel source."

GPE has already secured a long-term Power Purchase Agreement with Energy Australia for the energy produced from the Stapylton plant as well as for a number of fully approved green energy projects. Long term fuel supply agreements have also been secured.

GPE recently secured a strategic partnership with Yokogawe subsidiary, TechComrn Simulation, to take an equity placement in all GPE`s green waste-to-energy plants as well as for the provision of operations & maintenance services.

Under Australian legislation, energy retailers are obliged to source a minimum of two percent of their electricity from renewable energy sources, effectively guaranteeing a market for GPE. The FBC technology has Green Power Accreditation from SEDA and approval for renewable energy credits from the Office of Renewable Energy.

On successful commissioning of the Stapylton plant, GPE will commence construction of five approved green energy projects totalling 85MW in Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania and Western Australia. The company also has a further 16 plants, totalling 29OMW, in different stages of approval.

"GPE has a significant competitive advantage ever other companies seeking to enter the renewable energy market, both with proven technology and a large portfolio of approved projects to provide clean energy throughout Australia," Wong said.

Wong said commissioning of the Stapyltan plant is a major achievement for GPE and provides momentum ahead of the re-quoting of GPE on the ASK GPE also has a coal gasification project in China to produce the equivalent of 120MW thermal pow



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