Portland Firm Creates Tenant Convenience Car Program

200 Market Building developer provides Corbin Sparrow for tenant use.

Published: 27-Feb-2001

PORTLAND, Ore.--(BUSINESS WIRE FEATURES)--Feb. 27, 2001-- Management of the 200 Market Building has presented its 2,000 tenants with an environmentally-friendly electric car for use in running errands or traveling to meetings during the day, free of charge.

This "Tenant Convenience Car" program is one of the first of its kind in the nation and is a good example of creative solutions to transportation concerns.

"I'm pleased that many of our tenants ride their bikes, walk or take mass transportation to work, but I understand that some days it's just not possible to go without a car," said John W. Russell,president of Russell Development, general partner of the 200 Market Building, and a member of the Oregon Transportation Commission. "Our Tenant Convenience Car program should allow the best of both worlds -- no need to drive to-and-from work, but a car is available when you need it. And what is even better is that this is an electric vehicle, so it isn't damaging to the environment."

This transportation idea was conceived by Russell, out of his commitment to seeking environmentally-friendly solutions to Portland's transportation issues.

The 200 Market Building has purchased a Corbin Motors (www.corbinmotors.com) Sparrow, an electric, zero emissions, one-person commute vehicle. There are only 150 Sparrows currently on the road, with hundreds more ordered. Manufactured in California, the cars have caught the attention of a variety of consumers, including Apple Computer's Steve Wozniak, who regularly commutes to work in his blue Sparrow.

"This initiative is the first of its kind in Portland, and probably the nation," said Portland City Commissioner Charlie Hales. "I applaud Russell Development and the tenants that take advantage of this car, and encourage other management companies to consider implementing similar programs."

About Russell Development

Russell Development has developed both the 200 Market Building and the Pacwest Center. Owner John W. Russell has been called "an innovator in Portland's real estate and development industry" by Portland Mayor Vera Katz. In addition to serving as a member of the Oregon Transportation Commission, Russell currently serves as a member of the Portland Development Commission, chair of the Mayor's Business Roundtable, and board member of the Portland Chamber of Commerce and the Association for Portland Progress. The 200 Market Building was rebuilt in 1990, and has been at 100% occupancy for nine years.

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