Researcher's Wheels Turning on Batteries for Hybrid Cars

Multi-lingual Moroccan spearheads advanced battery intiatives at USA's Argonne National Laboratory

Published: 21-Jan-2004

sp;materials scientist with a knack for languages is spearheading research that could make hybrid cars more reliable and efficient.

Khalil Amine, 41, who grew up near the famed Casablanca in Morocco, leads a team of scientists and engineers at Argonne National Laboratory that is developing what they hope will be a cheaper and more efficient high-powered battery with a long life.

The team came up with a lithium technology that enables a small battery to generate enough power to accelerate a car, an application that could have particular importance for hybrids that run on a combustion engine combined with a powerful electric motor.

The small battery would power the electric motor in the hybrid and would start the car just as a conventional battery does. It is charged by the energy that occurs when a driver brakes.



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