Civic Slump Puts Dent in Honda Sales

While passenger car sales slide, overall Honda sales rose 8.2 percent in 200.

Published: 20-Jan-2004

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Superman isn't supposed to catch colds, gamblers aren't supposed to beat the house in Las Vegas and Honda's car sales aren't supposed to slump.But for the last two years, largely because of softening popularity of its aging Civic compact sedan, Honda Motor Co.'s passenger car sales in the United States have dropped, falling 8.8 percent since hitting an all-time high in 2001.

Last year, sales of the company's Honda and Acura passenger cars were off a combined 3.2 percent, after falling 6.8 percent in 2002.

Honda Motor is not facing doom and gloom, though. Its total passenger vehicle sales for 2003 rose an impressive 8.2 percent, thanks to its popular Pilot SUV and its upscale Acura MDX sibling, the refrigerator box-shaped Element "urban utility" vehicle, and the Odyssey minivan.



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