Students Hold Electrathon Safety Workshop

Parents of student killed in May 2003 file suit to prevent further middle school demonstrations

Published: 20-Jan-2004

Earlier this week we reported the parents of a McKinley student killed in an electric car crash have filed suit against the Iowa Electrathon advisory board. 14-year old Megan Hollingshead was killed last May when she lost control of Kennedy High School's electric car and ran into a guardrail. It happened during a demonstration drive. Megan's parents are asking the Iowa Electrathon to end any further demonstrations involving middle school students.

But Saturday, students who are members of the Kennedy Electric Company hosted a workshop to promote the program and new safety measures now in place. Members of the Cougar Electric Company welcomed their own competition to their shop Saturday.

They're looked to as a model program for the nearly one hundred other teams in the Midwest.



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