A Drive-By Election Indicator

Find the Priuses and you'll find the Dean voters... sort of, says Boston Globe columnist, Alex Beam.

Published: 20-Jan-2004

I have the document that Karl Rove would kill for -- the skeleton key to the 2004 election. It is a complete geographical breakdown, by city, of Toyota Prius sales since 2001. The Prius is Toyota's gas-electric hybrid compact car, which has been for sale in the United States for nearly four years, and the connection is obvious, especially if Howard Dean becomes the Democratic candidate for the presidency. I can tell you right now the 10 largest cities that Dean will carry, because there is practically a 1-to-1 overlap between loony-left, tree-hugging Prius owners and delusional Deanies. I say "practically" a perfect overlap because I am a Prius owner eager to vote for Ralph Nader again. That is, unless Bill Belichick enters the race.

Here are the 10 metropolitan areas with the largest concentration of Priuses, cities that would "go Dean" in November: 1. San Francisco/Silicon Valley; 2. Los Angeles; 3. Washington, D.C.; 4. Seattle/

Tacoma; 5. Greater Boston; 6. New York; 7. Chicago; 8. Portland, Ore.; 9. Sacramento; 10. Philadelphia. You will notice zero Sunbelt cities and zero cities below the Mason-Dixon line. That's pickup country, and no amount of Rebel Yelling is going to bring those voters to the Dean bandwagon.



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