Colorado City Goes 'Natural'

Broomfield city fleet shifts to B20 biodiesel

Published: 16-Jan-2004

When the city's snowplows take to the roads next season, they'll be helping to clear the air as well as the streets.

The city will convert to less-polluting biodiesel for its snowplows and other diesel-burning equipment in the next two months, said Mark Clapper, Broomfield fleet and facilities manager. The city will pump a 20 percent blend biodiesel, expected to cut emissions by 20 percent over traditional diesel fuel. The fuel is comprised of soy bean oil and diesel.

The move to biodiesel is part of Broomfield's overall program to reduce pollutants within its fleet and to comply with the federal Clean Air Act, Clapper said. Natural gas is also used in the fleet, which also includes low-emission vehicles. The city began buying more environmentally friendly vehicles in 1999 and plans to convert the entire fleet to low-emission engines, Clapper said.



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