Gasoline Prices Bounce All Over

Prius owner totals car, but still enjoys 48 mpg in city mileage

Published: 16-Jan-2004

cost of a gallon of gasoline shot above the $1.60 mark across the Tristate this week - at some stations topping $1.70 - as gasoline prices continued a wild fluctuation.

Prices at the pump in Greater Cincinnati were the highest for mid-January in at least seven years.

In some areas, prices rose as much as 30 cents Tuesday and Wednesday before falling back a bit, leaving consumers and industry analysts wondering what is going on with gas. January is typically a tranquil month for gasoline prices as post-holiday demand drops off.

"It is indeed a roller coaster, with no rhyme or reason as to why it keeps going up and down," said Steve Harper, owner of Harper Oil Products of Florence, which operates eight convenience stores and distributes fuel to another 25 stations. "It's either they're selling below cost, or they'll sell it for a fat margin. There is no reasonable level right now."



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