Maruti-Suzuki Concept Vehicle Goes Hybrid-electric

Indian carmaker debutes trio of concept vehices at Auto Expo 2004 in New Dehli

Published: 16-Jan-2004

New Delhi, January 15: Imagine a car that automatically follows a route previously downloaded from the Internet. Or one in which you can change gears using push-buttons. Better still, how about switching from petrol to electric supply at traffic lights and saving on fuel? May sound straight out of a James Bond flick but this may well be reality on roads in the years to come.

And if the range exhibited at the 7th Auto Expo 2004 is any indication, it’s going to be a driver’s dream ride ahead. Sophistication seems to be the buzzword. So even as Maruti Suzuki is showing its current models, it has on display three futuristic cars it plans to launching -- Concept S, Jimny and Twin.

Concept S is Suzuki’s ‘‘vision of tomorrow supermini’’ with space-age features such as push-buttons on steering wheel to replace standard controls like gear lever, handbrake, indicators and wipers. Twin comes with a hybrid technology, a combination of a petrol engine and an electric motor. The car automatically switches from petrol to electric power every time it stops or idles. ‘‘It saves fuel at traffic lights or during jams,’’ says a Maruti executive. But Maruti isn’t revealing the launch dates or the price just now.



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