City Looks at Scooters, Buses and Parking

While scooters not legal on Illinois roads and street, new bill would allow municipalities to authorize them

Published: 15-Jan-2004

MACOMB - Lack of state support has apparently put Macomb's efforts regarding motor-driven or electric-powered scooters in limbo. Alderman Chris Senn received a letter from Springfield indicating the state does not consider the scooters to be legally allowed on public roadways.

"I've been pretty much sympathetic to the ... people who would like to see these things legalized," said Senn on Monday. He said he contacted both the Illinois Secretary of State's Office and the Illinois Department of Transportation for clarification of the legal status of the scooters.

Senn received a letter indicating no Illinois municipality allows the scooters on public roads, but there is a bill in the Illinois Senate that would give local governments the power to legalize them.



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