Scientists' Group Says Gasoline Beats Diesel for Cleaner Air

Both diesel and hybrid technology seen reducing oil use, but gasoline engine/hybrids are far cleaner.

Published: 11-Jan-2004

WASHINGTON -- Gasoline-powered vehicles and hybrid cars that run on both gasoline and electricity will be more cost-effective than diesel engines for the foreseeable future for cutting U.S. oil use and polluting emissions linked to global warming, a new report said last week.

The study, from the Union of Concerned Scientists, comes as automakers and their allies in Congress promote diesel engines, despite poor sales in the U.S. market, as a way to address concerns about oil dependence and global warming.

"Proponents should not oversell diesel technology as a silver bullet," said David Friedman, research director for the group's Clean Vehicles Program and a co-author of the new report. "While diesels may eventually shed their image as an industry black sheep, they still can't match the pollution performance of today's cleanest gasoline cars."



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