UK's GoingGreen Offers G-Wiz EV for Sale or Lease

Claims Indian-built vehicle has UK's lowest running cost

Published: 08-Jan-2004

Claiming energy consumption 75% less than the average internal combustion engine, the G-Wiz is "the most environmentally friendly and energy efficient car available to lease or purchase anywhere in Britain", according to its Leeds-based importer/retailer GoingGreen.

GoingGreen says it 'carbon balances' even the manufacture, shipping and first two years' driving of each G-Wiz leased/sold via its contributions to Climate Care.

Initially offered from last year only via a leasing programme, the G-Wiz is now available to buy for £9,999 or at £7,999 for a 3-year lease. Its 1p per mile electricity usage is said to produce a running cost of £80 per year for 8,000 miles. The electric city car enjoys exemption from road tax, the lowest insurance group (1), the lowest rate of company car tax (9%) and 100% write-down allowances for businesses - which factors together are claimed to make the G-Wiz the cheapest car to run in Britain - though no depreciation costs are projected in these figures.



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