Indonesian Electric Car Is Going Places

Battery-powered Marlip has top speed of 40kph and can carry eight passengers

Published: 08-Jan-2004

JAKARTA : Locally-made electric cars could soon ply the streets of Indonesia.

The Marlip is a made-in-Indonesia electric car; almost 90 percent of its spare-parts are locally produced.

It was invented by local engineers from the Indonesian Science Agency who used a wide range of products from fibre glass to even coconut and rice by-products.

It costs about US$5,000 to build the car, which is pollution-free as it does not emit any harmful gas.

It also moves about quite silently, thanks to a battery which can last for at least eight hours nonstop.

So far, the only down side to the car is that it takes 10 hours to charge the battery.

The Marlip, which can run as fast as 40 km per hour, can take up to eight passengers.

Production of the car began in 1998 and four years later, the car is introduced to the public.

For now, the car can only be used in hospitals, golf courses, airports and hotel resorts.

But its inventors say with more research, the Marlip can certainly go places. - CNA



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