Democratic Candidates on Fuel Efficiency Issue

Presidential hopefuls come out in favor of improved fuel efficiency standards

Published: 07-Jan-2004

Carol Moseley Braun: "We have to start by enforcing the current CAFE standards, and then we should examine the viability of strengthening the law."

Gen. Wesley Clark: "We now have the know-how and technology to make cars and SUVs that go twice as far on a gallon of gas by using more efficient engines and transmissions, including hybrid cars that use both gasoline and an electric motor. As president, in consultation with scientists, environmental groups, industry, and others, I will set new standards to raise the fuel economy and reduce the emissions of cars, SUVs, and light trucks. The choice of specific goals and timetables will depend on a careful analysis of the existing data on technology, trends, and emissions from this sector as well as policy approaches to help industry meet those goals. We can clearly achieve a great deal in this area. With better, cleaner cars, we can fight global warming, reduce our oil dependence, and strengthen our economy."

Howard Dean: "I support an across-the-board corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) standard of 37.5 mpg by 2015. This would apply to all passenger vehicles, and would require a closing of the SUV loophole. By harnessing Americans' unparalleled ingenuity, we can move our nation towards a clean and efficient energy economy — one that will stimulate economic growth, reduce our reliance on Middle East oil, and protect the environment."



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