UK-Series Hybrid Bus Sets Record

Orders for 16 series hybrid buses in hand

Published: 06-Jan-2004

A Series Hybrid bus built by technology leaders,  from Sussex to Preston last month. According to Eneco’s managing director Gerard Sauer, the journey is a significant advance in the company’s work towards easily usable, environment friendly transport . “Our vehicle is being developed to use for ultra low emission and emission-free city deliveries, this record trip shows that this type of new technology is reliable and flexible enough to operate in any town at any time”.

During the motorway journey, fuel consumption was recorded at only 20 mpg overall, with speeds between 50 and 80 kph. Also notable was the fully-charged batteries on arrival at the destination. Eneco, successfully completed a record-breaking non-stop trip of over 300 miles

The bus is based on an Optare Solo 32 seat urban bus platform. The design is currently being tested before starting work in Bristol city centre and also in Manchester shortly, where it is expected they will provide at least 90% reduction in particulate emissions.

Gerard Sauer explains that Eneco has changed the whole driveline and power system to Series Hybrid configuration, using an environmentally-friendly 1.9 TDI VW engine driving an advanced programmable generator.

There is a 120 kW electric motor obtaining its energy from an advanced battery pack. This design has two crucial advantages over the conventional driveline: firstly, it allows accurate control of engine emissions and secondly, also gives an electric-only range of 6-8 miles when working in exclusion zones like shopping precincts, with GPS signal control.

The features also mean that operators can drive buses between different locations and centres. Ordinary electric vehicles, or hybrids with a diminishing energy balance cannot be driven off normal operating routes, because of the absence of on-board energy to do this.

The Eneco bus uses the brand new PerTek continuously regenerative particulates removal system in conjunction with the VW engine. With several manufacturers and urban transport companies showing high interest in this flexible and proven design, Eneco and its partner LTC are moving into mass production in Spring, with orders for the first production batch of 16 buses already received. Grant aid from the Energy Savings Trust played a significant financial role in bringing this exciting project to fruition.

Eneco is a dynamic young company based in Slinfold, West Sussex, UK with an enthusiastic team now winning world-wide recognition for innovative work in hybrid vehicle and fuel cell solutions. For more information visit:

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