VW and ADM Team to Develop Biodiesel Fuel

Biodiesel has become the fastest growing alternative fuel in the United States, largely without incentives.

Published: 06-Jan-2004

class=ar>CHICAGO, Jan 5 (Reuters) -- Automaker Volkswagen AG  and grain processor Archer Daniels Midland on Monday said they formed research venture to develop and use biodiesel fuels for the auto industry.

Biodiesel refers to fuel mixtures made by combining diesel petroleum with soybean oil or other vegetable oils and fats.

Biodiesel, which can power conventional diesel engines, substantially reduces emissions of carbon monoxide and particulate matter, the companies said in a statement.

The pact is the first between one of the world's leading automakers and a global agribusiness company to develop next-generation clean renewable fuels, they said.



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