Snow Travel for the, Uh... More Adventurous

Advice on what to wear when you brave snow and ice on a Segway or Zappy scooter

Published: 30-Dec-2003

t´s not just car and truck owners who have to deal with snowy and icy conditions on their daily commute. A quick look online for tips on how to deal with bad weather found some helpful advice for the eccentric among us:

For the bicyclist: The city of Toronto offers some advice to those who want to bike year-round. Ride slower and be aware that plowed snow narrows the roads, so choose your lane wisely. In a big snow- or icestorm, the city suggests you take a bus.

On the Segway: You remember the miracle personal stand-up scooter? Well, on the diehards hash out the best winter-gliding wardrobe. Among the essentials: A Segway stocking cap and ski goggles, or, for the safety-conscious helmet wearers, those same wrap-around-the-back earmuffs that cowboys fit under their Stetsons. One suggestion: Try out your Segway on ice, for practice, outfitted with a helmet and hockey pads.

The “Zappy”: And speaking of scooters, even the little electric ones can handle the snow, it seems. At www.elec, this information was posted by a fellow from Calgary (the Canadians seem to be at the cutting edge of alternative winter commuting): The electric “Zappy” is so low to the ground that it handles well on snow and ice. He ran into trouble when the temperatures dipped below freezing, though.



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