Exkate Electric Skateboard Not For the Faint of Heart

Electric skateboard has 22 mph top speed and range of 12 miles

Published: 30-Dec-2003

AVE KAPLAN isn't betting the electric vehicles built in his Sausalito shop are going to solve the global warming crisis or depopulate the freeways, but he can guarantee one thing: They're going to be fun.

Nobody ever said your first electric vehicle couldn't be cool.

Kaplan's Exkate Co. builds an electric skateboard with startling acceleration, a 22 mph top speed and a 12-mile range between charges. This is no Segway, the computer-balanced two-wheeled personal transportation device introduced in a cloud of hype in 2001 as the solution to big-city traffic. There is a marked lack of white lab coats in the Exkate shop.



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