DCH Demos New Micro Fuel Cell & H2 Water Taxi

New fuel cell intended to replace 6 volt battery. Water taxi uses fuel cell to power electronics and hydrogen-powered turbine for motive power.

Published: 18-Feb-2001

VALENCIA, Calif., Feb. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- DCH Technology, Inc. (Amex: DCH - news), a leading innovator of hydrogen-specific safety and measurement equipment and hydrogen fuel cells, will introduce three new product and services platforms at the 12th Annual National Hydrogen Association Exposition in Washington, D.C. beginning March 6. DCH is an Exposition sponsor.

Attendees will preview the first public demonstration of a hydrogen fuel cell that is form/fit compatible with the universally used six-volt battery. Developed by DCH's wholly owned subsidiary, Enable(TM) Fuel Cell Corporation, the fuel cell includes an integrated rechargeable fuel supply of metal hydride. The fuel cell can be used to power many consumer and commercial devices -- like lighting and camping products.

"This fuel cell will bring reliable life-cycle power to a broad cross-section of consumer applications," said DCH Chairman David Haberman. "Unlike batteries, there's no concerns with shelf life. Your flashlight works, for example, when you really need it -- during an emergency or years after you throw it in the trunk of your car."

DCH will also showcase a multi-passenger hydrogen-based water taxi that uses Enable(TM) fuel cells to provide on-board electrical power for GPS navigation, ship instrumentation, and communications. The taxi is propelled by compressed hydrogen fueling a hybrid powertrain based on a small turbine engine and an electric motor. The entire system is monitored for safety by DCH Robust Hydrogen Sensors(TM). The taxi will be on display in conjunction with the NHA Exposition.

"The water taxi is a technology platform that illustrates the utility of hydrogen energy -- now, tangibly to several interests," said Haberman. "Maritime applications of hydrogen energy have drawn great interest at the state, federal, and international levels -- all focused on near-term applications."

The centerpiece of the DCH presentations will be the formal launch of the DCH Center For Hydrogen Safety(TM) (CHS), which will generate revenues by providing consulting and training services to public and private organizations worldwide. The CHS will serve several industrial clients that generate, distribute, or use hydrogen in today's manufacturing sectors. It will also support hydrogen energy activities including power generation, fuel distribution, storage, and integrated projects. The CHS is currently focusing on the automotive industry in response to requests by several automobile manufacturers working on hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

"One of the keys to launching hydrogen-based energy is ensuring public safety and building public confidence," said Haberman. "The Center For Hydrogen Safety(TM) responds to the demand for an accountable safety partner, not a lab or university. The result is a multi-faceted resource staffed with renowned hydrogen professionals armed with expert training and educational tools. The CHS will make DCH synonymous with the safe use of hydrogen."

For additional information, please contact Investor Relations at 661-775-4380 or at invest@dcht.com .

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