BMW & Delphi Unveil Gasoline Reformer Fuel Cell Car

Fuel cell services as APU providing electric power to car.

Published: 16-Feb-2001

FRANKFURT, Feb 16 (Reuters) - German luxury carmaker BMW AG (BMWG.DE) said on Friday it had developed a car in which the on-board power is supplied by a petrol operated fuel cell.

The new type of fuel cell battery, which BMW developed with Delphi Automotive Systems Corp , can be used in all conventional cars.

The German carmaker said it would feature the so-called Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) in forthcoming generations of BMWs in about five years' time.

Many carmakers are racing to put a fuel cell driven car on the market by 2003 or 2004.

Fuel cells produce electricity by combining hydrogen with oxygen. They are considered to be environmentally friendly because they can produce power with only water and heat as by-products.

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