Biofuel Fuels New Hampshire Debates

Experts say the myriad environmental and economic benefits outweigh 40 cents jump in price

Published: 04-Dec-2003

lass=articleSpacer>WEST CHESTERFIELD, N.H. -- Fleming Oil's Shell station on Route 9 has become the first in the state and one of the few in New England to offer a biodiesel fuel mixture at its pumps.

One of the company's diesel pumps is now carrying a 20 percent biodiesel fuel mixture and the company has already sold approximately 3,500 gallons since late last week.

"Our type of business, for many years, has had a black eye when it comes to the environment," said Rick Fleming, the president and one of the owners of the company. "This is a step toward changing that."

The station offers the most commonly used blend of biodiesel fuel -- B20 -- which can be used without any alteration to the mechanical systems in any diesel vehicle.



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