IMCO CEO Interviewed by

Robert Stemmler talks about companies alternative energy products.

Published: 15-Feb-2001

CERRITOS, Calif., Feb. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- IMPCO Technologies Inc., (Nasdaq: IMCO) the leading alternative fuel and fuel cell enablement technology provider, today announced that the company's president and CEO, Robert Stemmler, was interviewed by, a leading on-line financial forum. Topics of the discussion included the company's rapid growth and solutions the Company's products offer for clean alternative energy in mobile vehicles, portable power generation and stationary power generation.

Some of the topics included the markets, industries and businesses IMPCO participates in; the type of technologies and products IMPCO has developed; how IMPCO products are supporting the development and commercialization of fuel cell propulsion systems and are prompting the increased use of clean burning gaseous fuels in internal combustion engines. Also discussed is how the company is working to improve the environment by partnering with major companies in the Fuel Cell and Alternative Fuel Industry target markets. The interview with Robert Stemmler is accessible at

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