Principled Senators Should Stop Energy Bill

Editorial in opposition to House energy bill

Published: 21-Nov-2003

House and Senate Republicans went behind closed doors to draft a compromise energy bill, you knew Democrats wouldn't like the finished product.

Turns out, even some Republicans can't stand this poor excuse for a policy, one that employs a feeding frenzy of special favors designed to get just enough Democratic votes for final passage.

Republican Sen. John McCain labeled the bill the "No Lobbyist Left Behind" act. Fellow Republican Susan Collins of Maine captured in a nutshell what's wrong with the bill: "It favors special interests, it contains billions of dollars in wasteful subsidies, and it fails to promote energy conservation."

Democratic Rep. Rick Larsen of Lake Stevens may have put it best when he said, "We needed a George Jetson energy policy, and instead we got one built by Fred Flintstone."



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