Where Our Tax Dollars Will Go

A look at where the money will be spent in energy bill

Published: 21-Nov-2003

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(KRT) - Here's a breakdown of where the money would go in the Republican-crafted energy bill that the Senate may vote on Friday. It already passed the House of Representatives.

The Congressional Budget Office puts the 10-year cost at $31.12 billion, with $5.43 billion in direct spending and $25.69 billion in tax cuts. Independent watchdog groups put the cost much higher because the CBO doesn't include certain types of spending, nor more than $20 billion in loan guarantees.

Taxpayers for Common Sense, a liberal watchdog group, and the National Taxpayers Union, a conservative watchdog group, agree on a price tag of $95.99 billion. That comprises $72.48 billion in spending and $23.51 billion in tax cuts, with tax figures coming from Congress' Joint Committee on Taxation.



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