Energy Bill Has Become Pork Barrel Monstrocity

The Twelve Days of the Energy Bill

Published: 21-Nov-2003

In the month before Christmas,
Congress giveth thee:
A natural gas pipeline,
New nuclear plants,
Twice as much ethanol,
Wells that pump marginally,
Energy-efficient traffic lights,
Coastal erosion repairs,
Fuel made of restaurant grease,
A Hooters for Louisiana,
A rainforest for Iowa,
A soybean-powered mall,
Softer pollution standards,
And protection for MTBE.

The proposed federal energy bill which subsidizes all of the above may not be everything Congress' true loves have in mind, but it comes close.

"A hodgepodge of subsidies for the politically well-connected," Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon called it. "A bargain with the devil," said Illinois' Dick Durbin, referring to the $2 billion bailout of those who have polluted water supplies with the fuel additive MTBE. But leave it to John McCain, the Arizona Republican, to deliver the best line. He dubs the proposal the "Leave No Lobbyist Behind Act."



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