Florida Firm Introduces Segway Tours

Sarasota venture will be first of its type in USA, following lead of similar tours in Paris and Bangkok

Published: 14-Nov-2003

SARASOTA -- Tom Jacobson thinks Sarasota tourists can't see it all traveling by foot. So beginning next month, Jacobson intends to employ 21st Century technology in a new guided tour that will allow visitors to see all of the city, without a bus pass. Starting Dec. 1, Jacobson's Florida Ever-Glides Inc. will whisk sightseers around town on Segway Human Transporters, two-wheeled, electric-powered machines that look like a cross between a bicycle and a scooter.

Jacobson says his guided tours will be the first in the United States to use Segways, following the lead of similar ventures in Paris and Bangkok. "It's hard to do a walking tour here because of the amount of ground there is to cover," Jacobson said. "And you just can't see it all in a car. You can't go into Island Park in a car." Nor can you garner the kind of attention in a car that Jacobson and his wife, Janey, receive while riding their Segways.

"We tend to get our pictures taken a lot," Janey Jacobson said.

Shutterbugs aren't the only ones paying attention.



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