'Engines for Change' Tour Debuts 2004 Prius in Austin

Austin, Texas considered fertile ground for development and commercialization of clean energy firms

Published: 14-Nov-2003

lass=story>Toyota introduced its latest energy-saving automotive technology to Central Texas on Wednesday as part of its "Engines of Change Tour."

The 2004 Prius is a hybrid that runs on both gas and electricity to give drivers better gas mileage.

The Prius is a gas/electric vehicle that offers an estimated 55 miles per gallon. It needs no recharging, unlike all-electric vehicles.

The all-new 2004 Prius promises even better fuel economy, improved performance and lower emissions in a new body with more interior space.

Austin Mayor Will Wynn said the company's environmentally friendly approach matches Austin's air quality-conscious community.

"I think it's a great combination of enlightened self-interest and we're very much aligned with Toyota in that regard. We need to have cleaner-burning cars in Austin. We need to create jobs in Austin, and there's a mix here with environmental technology," he said.

The city said attracting "Clean Energy" is an important part of Austin's economic development.

As a national leader in the emerging 'green' energy movement, Austin is a fertile ground for development and commercialization of clean energy firms, said Market Street Services, the Atlanta-based consultant hired to assess the region's potential strengths.

Market Street based its findings on the success of Austin Energy's GreenChoice renewable energy program and the Clean Energy Incubator.

Central Texas is now home to about 80 clean energy enterprises employing nearly 2,600 people and contributing roughly $250 million in revenue to local economies, according to the Market Street report.



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