Nano-Batteries Promise Energy Savings

Hybrid electric vehicle nano-battery is said to be more stable, with a higher power rating and density than previous models

Published: 11-Nov-2003

"Nano-batteries" promise to usher in a new age of convenience. Smaller mobile phones that can operate for a month without recharging and automobiles that run on emission-free electricity are just two of the technology's potential applications.

These innovations, along with new forms of high-capacity energy storage devices for home appliances and consumer electronics, are the results of national research and development programs on nano-technology presented at a seminar at the government-affiliated Industrial Technology Research Institute yesterday.

"Taiwan is at the forefront of new energy storage and fuel cell research. Through the application of nano-technology, we are developing the next generation of re-chargeable batteries," said Liu Chung-ming, director of ITRI's Materials Research Laboratories.



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