Mass-produced Hybrid Now a Reality

Hybrid-system seen as key to future 'eco-car' at Toyota

Published: 10-Nov-2003

The 37th Tokyo Motor Show last week featured 268 exhibitors from 14 countries displaying 41 debut vehicles and was entitled “The challenge: Driving toward a better future”.

A real break in style this year is a car that uses alternative energy sources to highlight that a better future means a cleaner one. Therefore, apart from proposing vehicles that are attractive, comfortable, and a pleasure to drive, car manufacturers have developed environmentally friendly concept vehicles along with safety technology, as well as innovative devices and functions.

Nevertheless, one of these concept vehicles has become reality because Toyota, Japan’s largest auto maker, introduced a new Prius that represents a vast evolutionary step from the original model launched in 1997 as the world’s first mass-produced hybrid passenger car.



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