Ecostar to Provide Auxiliary Motor Systems for Next Generation Fuel Cell Vehicles

System to be used on Xcellsis fuel cell engines for use in both Ford and DaimlerChrysler next generation fuel cell vehicles.

Published: 12-Feb-2001

DEARBORN, Mich., Feb. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Ecostar Electric Powertrain and Power Conversion Systems has announced it has been selected to provide motor systems to XCELLSIS for use in Ford Motor Company's and DaimlerChrysler's next generation fuel cell vehicles. These motors are integrated to compressor systems used in fuel cell engines.

"We have been impressed by Ecostar's ability to meet our very demanding power, weight, and package size requirements in this critical application," says Professor Dr. Ferdinand Panik, President and CEO of XCELLSIS.

"By working with the leaders in vehicular fuel cell engine design, we have developed an auxiliary motor system specifically designed to meet the requirements of fuel cell vehicles. We intend to leverage off this experience and offer our system to other fuel cell vehicle manufacturers in the near future," says Ross Witschonke, President and CEO of Ecostar.

Ecostar is responsible for the overall system design and manufacturing of the motor systems. Ecostar developed the integrated power electronics and controls in-house, and selected UQM Technologies, Inc. to provide the electric motor.

Ecostar is a QS-9000 Certified supplier formed in 1998, and is part of the Fuel Cell Alliance between Ford Motor Company, Ballard Power Systems and DaimlerChrysler. Ford owns 62 percent of Ecostar, while DaimlerChrysler and Ballard own 17 percent and 21 percent, respectively.

Ecostar is an experienced supplier of automotive-quality systems, and is the primary development and manufacturing center for the Alliance's power electronics and electric drives. Ecostar's areas of expertise include power conversion, mechanical design, hardware and software of motor and vehicle controls, and systems integration. Ecostar's vehicle systems are designed for every electric vehicle type, including fuel cell powered, battery, and hybrid electric. Ecostar's stationary power generation systems provide grid quality energy for all applications, including multi-unit parallel and standalone configurations capable of everything from automatic protection against grid back-outs to load balancing strategies. Ecostar is located in Dearborn, Michigan, with offices in Germany and Canada.

For additional information please contact Suzy Novak at 313-248-1496, send e-mail to , or visit Ecostar's worldwide website at .

UQM Technologies, Inc. is a leading developer and manufacturer of power dense, high efficiency motors, gear assemblies and electronic assemblies for the automotive, aerospace, telecommunications, medical and industrial markets. A major emphasis of the Company is developing products for the alternative energy technologies sector including power systems for electric, hybrid electric and fuel cell electric vehicles, 42-volt vehicle auxiliaries and distributed power applications. The Company's headquarters and engineering and product development center are located in Golden, Colorado. Manufacturing facilities are located in Frederick, Colorado (electric motors and gear assemblies) and St. Charles, Missouri (electronic assemblies and wire harnesses). For more information on the Company, please visit its worldwide web site at

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