Hydrogen Fuel Appliance receives CSA Approval

Canadian Safety Association approves Stuart Energy Systems' Comunity Fuel Applicance.

Published: 06-Feb-2001

TORONTO, Feb. 6 /PRNewswire/ - Stuart Energy Systems (TSE: HHO), a leading developer of hydrogen generation and supply systems, announced today that a Community Fuel Appliance (Community Fueler) has received Special Acceptance approval from the Canadian Safety Association International (CSA). The Community Fueler is a safe, reliable, compact Stuart Fuel Appliance that delivers hydrogen at up to 5000psig and can support the fuel needs of up to 50 fuel cell vehicles a week.

CSA International reviewed the Community Fueler design, built-in safety features, documentation and manufacture to show compliance with existing safety standards. CSA International is a leader in the field of standards development and product certification. The special acceptance mark signifies that a product has been successfully evaluated to stringent requirements.

CSA has also completed their examination of the TTR, Stuart's industrial hydrogen product line which is targeted at customers who require on-site production of hydrogen for processes such as furnace annealing, glass production, edible oils etc. Both the Community Fueler and the TTR are based on Stuart's H-series platform and incorporate the DEP(TM) electrolyser technology.

"Customers and government inspectors throughout North America and internationally, know the significance of the CSA Special Acceptance label and will have a high level of confidence in the safety of our product'" said Dan Keller, Director of Quality.

Stuart Energy Systems is also seeking UL acceptance for the United States market and having their products evaluated for conformance with the European Directives in order to apply the CE Marking on the products.

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