P-Series Fuels Successfully Completes Demonstration

Recently approved as alternative fuel, P-Series fuel test in Philadelphia said to demonstrate practical and commercial force of this fuel.

Published: 06-Feb-2001

PHILADELPHIA, PA, Feb. 5 -/E-Wire/-- The City of Philadelphia is pleased to report that Pure Energy's P-Series motor fuel has successfully completed a demonstration program in Ford Taurus FFV's. The fuel program launched in June of 1999 by former Secretary of Energy Bill Richardson and former Mayor of Philadelphia Edward G. Rendell proved the effectiveness of the P-Series motor fuel, a new alternative fuel which is made largely from ethanol and is essentially sulfur free.

"The successful demonstration of the P-Series fuel reflects the city of Philadelphia's leadership and commitment to clean air", said Mayor John F. Street, Mayor of Philadelphia. Timothy Lynch, Deputy Fleet Manager for the City of Philadelphia went on to comment, "P-Series performed very well in the Ford FFV Taurus vehicles. We are interested in using P-Series and have purchased FFV's for our fleet."

In May of 1999 the Department of Energy designated P-Series as an "Alternative Fuel" under the regulatory authority of the Energy Policy Act of 1992 (EPACT). The Department of Energy estimates that P-Series fuels have the potential to replace approximately one billion gallons of gasoline annually by 2005. The use of P-Series will help the United States reduce pollution from cars and help fight green house gas emissions. Princeton University and the Pure Energy Corporation developed P-Series.

Irshad Ahmed, President and acting CEO of the Pure Energy Corporation said, "The performance of P-Series in Philadelphia validates the practical and commercial force of this fuel. P-Series fuels are created in the United States and are not dependent on imported oil. We applaud the progressive attitude and leadership the city of Philadelphia has shown in this vital energy arena."

Pure Energy Corporation with offices in New York and California, is a private company that develops and commercializes technology for new fuels, fuel additives and chemicals by working with established industry partners. It is a leader in research and development with demonstration programs across the country. For more information, contact Pure Energy Corporation at One World Trade Center, Suite 5301, New York, NY, 10048, or visit their web site at: http://www.pure-energy.com.

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