Three Wheels, 13 Batteries

The electric Sparrow: call it the anti-Hummer

Published: 26-Aug-2003

It looks kind of like a large turquoise high-top sneaker, but with a speed of 70 mph it's faster than any runner, and Troy Taylor commutes 8 miles in it every day to his office in Brandon.

It's called a Sparrow, and it's - well, it's a very, very small electric car. Well, it's not exactly a car, because it's got three wheels, two in front and one in back. You drive it on a motorcycle license, but it's not a motorcycle. Lordy, no. It's got all the comforts of a car: a driver's seat just like in a good German car, a trunk roomy enough for groceries, windows with big visibility, a CD player - not to mention a roof. It's just very, very small, and the yellow one looks like Donald Duck.

How small? Eight feet long, 4 feet wide, plenty of room for just one. And how many commuters are just that - one, driving a ton of steel all by themselves every day. Let's not even talk about the gas and the environmental and geopolitical ramifications thereof.



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