CleanEnergy WorldTour 2001 Kicks Off in Dubai

BMW fleet of 15 hydrogen powered 750h1 sedans begin world tour in Dubai.

Published: 01-Feb-2001

DUBAI, United Emirates, Feb. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- On February 1st the BMW hydrogen fleet will begin its world tour. The first stop and starting point of the "CleanEnergy WorldTour 2001" is Dubai (City), the up-and-coming metropolis on the Persian Gulf. The governing Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum has agreed to be patron of the event.

In Europe the fleet of fifteen BMW 750hl models has already covered over 100,000 kilometers with success and has proved that the hydrogen automobile with internal combustion engine has been technically implemented. The BMW Group, the world's first manufacturer to build a small series of hydrogen cars, is continuing in its commitment to the cleanest energy of the future by holding events for politics, science and the media.

Dubai offered itself as the ideal starting point for the WorldTour: the emirate is one of the centers of the global energy supply and is considered to be highly future-oriented. Successful projects such as the world's first Internet City emphasise the country's innovative power. In addition Dubai awards the largest environment prize, The "Zayed International Prize for the Environment." Various projects in the areas of regenerative energy and environmental protection have already been launched with international cooperation. Since Dubai is located on the earth's sunbelt, the initiative of the BMW Group for the regenerative production of hydrogen met with constructive interest.

About one year ago the BMW Group already participated at the "International Conference and Exhibition on desertification", where the hydrogen-powered 7 Series sedan was one of the greatest attractions.

Dr. Mohammed Bin Fahed, Chairman of the Zayed International Prize, supports the BMW CleanEnergy Strategy: "There is compelling evidence that global warming and climate change is underway, affecting human health, habitats, wildlife, and economies around the world. If the trend is to be stemmed, it is necessary to switch to clean energy sources, including those for automobiles," he stresses. "BMW's efforts in developing hydrogen as an alternative clean energy source are highly appreciated by the environmental institutions and organisations worldwide. After all, the fossil fuel reserves will not last forever," he adds.

bp, one of the leading global players in the energy sector and partner of the Dubai event, also sees the necessity of gaining hydrogen from regenerative energies in the future and therefore is dedicating itself to the CleanEnergy WorldTour 2001. CO2 emissions, which are considered to be the main influence on the world climate, can only be reduced in the long-term by using regeneratively produced hydrogen. Apart from bp, the German company Linde AG -- a worldwide supplier of hydrogen -- is also participating in the event. Linde is not only a partner in research for tank systems, but also a supplier for liquified hydrogen and refill facilities throughout the CleanEnergy WorldTour.

BMW 750hl is the first series-produced hydrogen automobile in the world

In May 2000 the BMW Group presented the first series-produced hydrogen car to the world. This successfully initiated the process for spreading hydrogen as the energy source of the future. Parallel to this an exhibition in the Transport Centre of the Deutsches Museum in Munich, held on the occasion of the EXPO 2000, informed the public about the production and utilisation of CleanEnergy.

As part of the CleanEnergy WorldTour 2001, the BMW Group will continue to promote this process worldwide by means of international events for the world of politics, science and the media.

After its launch in Dubai, the Tour will visit other cities too, such as Brussels, Milan, Tokyo and Los Angeles.

The focus of the CleanEnergy WorldTour 2001 is on the lasting character of the "production -- distribution -- utilisation of hydrogen in automobiles" process. At each of the individual tour stops, specific aspects of the process will be highlighted.

In Dubai, for example, the main issue will be the production of hydrogen with the help of the unlimited supply of solar energy. In Tokyo and Los Angeles the emissions-free operation of hydrogen vehicles will be the main theme. In Europe the Tour will focus on the distribution of hydrogen as well as on the definition of norms and standards necessary to help hydrogen technology achieve market breakthrough.

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