EPRI Board Releases Report Detailing Vision for the Future for U.S. Electric Power

The "Electricity Sector Framework for the Future" aims to restore highly reliable, affordable, environmentally friendly power system

Published: 25-Aug-2003

Palo Alto, Calif. - August 25, 2003 - The latest Northeast power outage is another vivid reminder of the essential nature of electricity-it is the nation's indispensable engine of prosperity and quality of life. Yet the infrastructure is aging and clearly must be modernized. The just-published report from the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), "The Electric Sector Framework for the Future," examines the current challenges facing the electricity sector in the U.S. and outlines a Framework for Action to help guide future economic, regulatory, and technical direction.

The report was developed under the direction of the EPRI Board of Directors using input from a broad cross section of stakeholders both inside and outside the industry, including utilities, federal and state regulators, industry and business, consumer groups, labor unions, and environmentalists. EPRI engaged more than 100 organizations over a one-year period, and held a series of five regional workshops to shape and refine the report.

"The report lays out a widely shared, coherent vision of the future-to restore a highly reliable, affordable, environmentally friendly power system that provides essential public services and supports the economic aspirations of all types of customers-residential, commercial, and industrial," said Kurt Yeager, president and CEO of EPRI.



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