How Will the White House Spin These Numbers

Internet-based polls show support for Bush policies evaporating.

Published: 24-Aug-2003

A newly released Newsweek poll indicates for the first time the majority of voters (49%) would not back G. W. Bush for a second term. Remember it took intervention by the Supreme Court in 2000 and a 5 to 4 split to put Bush in the White House in the first place even though it was later proven Al Gore had not only won the national popular vote, but also had won the popular vote count in the contested Florida election.

Newsweek reports that only 44% would support a second term for George Walker Bush. That has to come as bad news to a White House now trying to ignore a report by its own EPA Inspector General charging the White House forced the EPA to lie about the air quality in Lower Manhattan in the days and weeks following the destruction of the World Trade Center on 9/11. The Administration's justification? The ever-malleable "national security."

But Karl Rove's problems may be even more serious that the Newsweek poll suggests. An online poll conducted August 22-23, 2003 on the MSNBC web site strongly indicates that the mood of the online community, at least, is far darker than even what that portrayed by the Newsweek poll.



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