UQM to Build Electric Truck for Air Force

Funds for conversion of half-ton truck using state-of-arts electric drive components.

Published: 14-Aug-2003

FREDERICK, COLORADO, AUGUST 14, 2003... UQM TECHNOLOGIES, INC. (AMEX:UQM) announced today that it has been awarded a $630,000 contract by the U.S. Air Force to convert a conventional one-half ton pickup truck to all-electric operation using an optimized configuration of currently available advanced technologies. The contract, which spans a two-year period, was awarded under the Small Business Innovation Research Program. The objective of the Phase II contract is to evaluate the performance of the optimized all-electric pickup truck versus similar electric vehicles operating with older technologies.

The all-electric pickup truck will incorporate a highly efficient, low electromagnetic interference (EMI) UQM® electric propulsion system consisting of a 100 kW permanent magnet electric motor and a power electronic controller featuring digital signal processing (DSP) and controller area network (CAN) technology. The energy storage system will be a lithium-ion battery pack and many of the auxiliary systems on-board the vehicle, such as the power steering and air conditioning system, will be electrically driven.

Commenting on the award, Jon Lutz, UQM Technologies’ Director of Engineering said, “We are excited about the opportunity to build an all-electric pickup truck that combines our highly efficient and EMI compliant propulsion system with high energy density lithium-ion batteries. We expect the pairing of our highly efficient propulsion systems with high energy density lithium-ion batteries to dramatically improve the range capability of the vehicle without diminishing any of the performance characteristics. The ability of these advanced technologies to overcome some of the limitations of previously developed electric vehicles could potentially lead to a resurgence of interest in zero emission vehicles of all types, particularly within niche markets of interest to the Company.”

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