Gh2ost Reaches 1,200 miles on Gallon of Hydrogen

Fuel cell-powered car is first of kind in the UK

Published: 10-Aug-2003

race for eco-friendly motors stepped up a gear yesterday after a revolutionary car travelled the equivalent of 1200 miles on just one gallon of hydrogen.

The green machine, which made its debut at the Shell Eco Marathon in Alford, Aberdeenshire, is powered by the latest fuel cell technology, and its Aberdeen-based designers hope it will mean the end of the road for petrol-powered cars.

David McGrath, managing director of fuel cell company siGEN, who has been working on the BOC Gh2ost for the past four months, said: "This is the first car of its kind in the UK. We are trying to begin the transition from the oil industry to alternative energy.

"The only output is pure water. We can produce hydrogen from renewable sources in huge amounts and, whereas oil is a finite source, hydrogen can be used again and again. So from the wind turbine to the wheel, there is absolutely no pollution in the entire cycle."



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