PHOTO CAPTION: Illustration of Jaguar Formula-E electric racer.

Jaguar Enters Formula-E Racing This Fall

Legendary Jaguar will begin racing in Formula E's third season starting the Fall of 2016.

Published: 31-May-2016

While Jaguar's new FIA Formula-E racer looks identical to all the other cars in the nascent electric car racing series, now finishing up its 2nd year with two days of races in central London, internally it's different. Race rules allow competing teams to experiment with some of the key internal components: motors, rear suspension, gearbox, and transmission are allowed to be different. Batteries are not, at least for the time being. In Jaguar's case, the battery pack is engineered and supplied by Williams.

Jaguar's entrance in the series, which commences this fall for the start of Season 3 (2016-2017) and takes place in ten international cities starting in Beijing, China and concluding in the British capital, follows other automakers who are starting to take a serious interest in the competition, which now includes Citro├źn DS, Mahindra, Audi, Renault, McLaren, and Monaco-based Venturi. Both BMW, which provides the i3 pace car and i8 safety car, along with Nissan also are said to be exploring participation.

EV World regularly features highlights from each race on its home page under its Video Replay section.

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