PHOTO CAPTION: Ukranian-developed Synchronous electric car prototype

Ukrainian EV Sets Sights on Electric Taxi Market

Constructed of wood, leather, and Bakelite, this EV sounds more like a Victoria-era carriage than 21st century electric car.

Published: 04-May-2016

It's a sad commentary that much of what we know about the Ukraine centers on its violent civil war, including the downing of MH 17, and its disastrous Chernobyl nuclear power plant meltdown, the 30th anniversary of which recently passed.

But there is good news that also comes out of its fertile soil, intellectually, creatively, as well as agriculturally. From the perspective of our emerging EV world, the latest development comes from Electric Marathon International, which recently unveiled its Synchronous electric taxi/shuttle vehicle, pictured above.

The company brought the battery-powered vehicle to EVER 2016 in Monaco earlier this month, announcing that it would produce up to 30 of the them for taxi and hotel shuttle use in the Principality. According to Kyiv Post:

"The front-wheel-drive Synchronous uses an induction motor and has a range of about 130-160 kilometers between charges. The estimated price for small-scale production is up to $100,000 per unit..."

CEO Andriy Bilyy hopes that success of the vehicle in taxi service in Monaco, where he has a good relationship with Prince Albert II, will enable him to expand to other small, niche markets like Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Not only is the car unusual in appearance, but so are the materials from which it is constructed: purported to be "wood, leather, soft plastic and bakelite." The focus, says Bilyy isn't on high tech, but on passenger comfort, including the possible inclusion of massaging passenger seats.

Sounds like it will be something more akin to 19th century Landau carriages, including the rear-facing sofa seat, than a 21st century electric car.

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