PHOTO CAPTION: LeEco debuts its self-driving, all-electric car

China's LeEco Introduces Its Self-Driving Tesla Competitor

LeSee electric car also offers autonomous driving capability along with futuristic styling.

Published: 28-Apr-2016

Jia Yueting might be considered both the Steve Jobs and the Elon Musk of China all rolled into one. He made his fortune on the Internet and with mobile devices through his company, formerly called LeTV. Now called LeEco, his company just debuted in Beijing their first cloud-connected, self-driving electric car, the LeSee, pictured above with Ding Lei, the vice chairman and managing director of LeEco's automotive efforts, at the wheel.

The concept car aims to do more than introduce drivers to the thrill of high-performance EVs. It appears to be designed for future integration into an 'eco-system' of LeEco technologies from the company's ride sharing app to autonomous driving capability, which Jia demonstrated during its unveiling in Beijing recently, as seen in the back-to-back videos below, the first with an interpreter voice over, the second showing the car self-parking using a company-developed voice command app.

While LeEco is a good half-decade behind Tesla, it appears determined to play catch-up and even 'leap-frog' its California-based rival, not only by introducing the LeSee, but also in co-financing Faraday Future, which just broken ground in Las Vegas for its own line of electric cars.

Timing of the LeSee's availability and pricing were not announced, as is typical with nearly all concept car introductions. One of the more intriguing features of the car is it retracting and folding steering wheel when in autonomous driving mode, as seen in the interior photo below.

Interior cockpit of LeEco LeSee electric concept car

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