PHOTO CAPTION: 2017 Honda Clarity will offer three types of electric-drive systems

Honda Clarity: Trio of E-Drive Options

Honda plans to offer customers a choice in power systems for its Clarity model line-up.

Published: 28-Apr-2016

While it seems pretty obvious that at least 400,000 people worldwide are serious about buying a battery-powered Tesla Model 3, the large, long-established OEMs aren't yet convinced that electro-chemical batteries are the future of auto tech. They are hedging their bets: GM offering both the Volt electric hybrid and the Bolt, pure electric car.

Honda has flirted with plug-in, battery-only and fuel cell-powered models over the past decade and half, as well was with hybrids. They pioneered leasing to consumers in California the first hydrogen fuel cell sedan, the Clarity. Now the company is not only introducing the second generation of the fuel cell Clarity, but also a battery electric version, as well as a electric (plug-in) hybrid version, creating a family of e-drive vehicles.

While the range of the Clarity Electric hasn't yet been announced, the plug-in model reportedly will have an EV-range before switching to hybrid drive of some 40 miles. The fuel cell Clarity has a range of 300 miles between hydrogen refueling stations, only a handful of which currently exist, mainly in California. The company says the plug-in Clarity will be available in all 50-states when it comes on sale in 2017.

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